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Hi, my name is Jean Blomo and I help busy people commit to simple and sustainable healthy habits. This means getting more active everyday, consistently making better food choices, and developing a deep awareness of your body.


Join the Genuine Strength community and find what makes you strong – inside and out.

I take a different approach than most "fitness trainers" out there.

Focus on the process of creating life-long habits for both short- and long-term goals.

Get guidance with a supportive, positive coaching style.

Follow research-based fitness, nutrition, and stress management  methods.

Develop your best version of a sustainable eating, exercise, and self-care plan.


 "Jean helps me stay accountable to my commitment to fitness, overall mental and physical health, and stress management.  She also helps make fitness and mindfulness enjoyable, offering a different way to think about both and making the process something I look forward to.”
- Alexis A.

 "The value of Jean's coaching is in her ability to be flexible to what I need at the moment and keep challenging me to improve my flexibility, endurance and strength. I feel safe pushing myself to a new limit without the fear of injury. Jean is not just a personal trainer, she's a life coach that uses the body as a way to improve your overall health.”
- Irma V.

 "Jean helps me stop beating myself up for the things I am not doing, and focus on what I can do.  Being realistic about what I can accomplish, making it seem doable, rather than not possible is another great way she coaches me.  Providing new perspective and simple guidance around food has also been super helpful.”
- Liz P.

 "Personal Training goals vary from individual to individual, but whatever your goals are it will most certainly be a combination of physical exercise, proper nutrition and mental coaching. Most trainers specialize in one of the three, and on rare occasions they can do a couple. Jean is the ultimate combination of expertise in all three, with her own finely balanced approach. She is helping me change my body and my mentality towards a healthy lifestyle.”
- Chris E.



Coaching Sessions

Fitness Coaching

Private and small group (2-5 participants) sessions available. Learn more here.

All sessions include:

-       Complete warm-up

-       Strength training for power, endurance, and maximal effort

-       Cool down and stretch

-       Participants use workout tracker to record progress inside and outside of sessions



Nutrition and Self-Care Coaching

Habit-based nutrition and self-care programs including:

-       Fat loss

-       Healthy eating

-       Daily exercise

-       Exercise recovery

-       Stress management

Habits are personalized to fit your goals and needs

Daily check-in email or text message for habits

Weekly general check-in

Learn more about these programs here.



Q: What are your rates?

A: Please visit my membership page to learn more about memberships and to schedule an appointment. Or, feel free to email me at jean.blomo@gmail.com to discuss the best option for you.


Q: Do you offer weight loss exercise classes? I don't want to bulk up using weights.

A: If your primary goal is weight loss and looking leaner, let's get started with some simple changes to eating habits. Spending your time, energy, and money on your nutrition is a much more effective and efficient way to lose weight than exercise alone.

If, after making some changes to your eating habits, you are ready to take on an exercise program, we'll meet to review the right style of exercise for you. Basic strength and conditioning training 2-3 days per week is shown to help maintain your muscle and bone density while you burn fat. Additionally, consistent exercise has been shown to help keep the weight off long-term.


Q: I'm not ready to make changes to my diet; I'd like to exercise with a coach making sure I have good form. Can I just do the workouts?

A: Yes! During your complimentary consultation, we'll talk about which style of training - private, tandem, or small group - works best for your current level, schedule, and budget. If you decide you'd like to make some changes to your eating habits, you can always add that in down the road.


Q: I don't live in the Bay Area (or, I travel a lot), do you do virtual coaching?

A: Absolutely! We'll meet over the phone for your complimentary consultation and find the right mix of nutrition, exercise, and self-care habits that will help you meet your goals. We'll check in weekly to address general questions or challenges you have and daily to track your habits.    


Q: I'm not sure if I can commit to a long-term program right now, do you have any other options?

A: Yes – I offer single session, package, and monthly membership options to fit your needs. Please visit my membership page to review what works for you and contact me with any questions.

Let’s Talk!




In-person coaching sessions are held at Marvelous Crossfit in Burlingame:


384 Beach Road, Burlingame, CA 94010